Businesses that have been impacted financially due to the affects of the Covid-19 global pandemic may be able to recover those losses from an insurance policy inclusion you may not know you have. Or maybe you have tried to claim and have been rejected.

Business interruption insurance is usually included within your business insurance to support you financially when your trade is affected by unforeseen circumstances, this insurance will often have an inclusion for the impact of “contagious disease”; if your business has been impacted financially due to an outbreak of an infection disease around your premises, or for example, around the premises of a supplier which will have a knock on affect.

Your insurance policy will aim to pay out your calculated losses based upon your previous years’ income but will usually have a limitation on how much you are able to claim.

On 21st January 2021, the Supreme Court ruled that insurers must pay out for business interruption claims arising from the lockdowns throughout the UK in 2020.
Whether you have yet to submit a claim, or you have previously had a claim rejected, we can help review your policy and help recover your losses.